14 Mind-blowing Fake Friend Quotes To Realize Real From Fake

Fake Friend

Someone once said that fake friends are like shadows, always near you at your brightest moments but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour. That rings true in all fake friendships.

If you have had fake friends before, and chances are that you have, then that rings true. It reminds you of something. A dark time you really needed them but they were nowhere to be found.

And it's worse when they appear later on when the storm has settled and you have already helped yourself out of the situation. However, that's fake friends for you. That's a big sign that they are not true to you.

Another sign is when you hear your secrets that only that friend knew somewhere else. That means that they talk about you with others and spill your secrets. You can never trust such a person again.

They may deny talking about anything, but don't ignore the red flag. Keep your distance. They will also make you feel bad about yourself. They may make remarks about your body but pretend they are joking.

They may also make fun of your weaknesses in public just to embarass you but pretend to be joking too. A true friend doesn't pick on your insecurities because they know how that would make you feel.

A true friend cares about your feelings. They will check up on you frequently and always show up when you need them. They will celebrate your wins with you compared to a fake friend who will always try to be competitive with you.

If a friend tends to drain your energy, you don't have to keep them. Surround yourself with genuine people who care about you and love you unconditionally. Take a look at these insightful quotes about spotting fake people to identify them faster.

Here are fake friend quotes to help you seperate the fake from the real ones. Because cutting off toxic relationships can be a necessary step towards self-care.

Fake Friend Quotes

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