11 Selfish Parents Quotes To Help You Stop Feeling Alone

Selfish Parents

Parents are our foundation in life. They give us our first lessons, teach us how to navigate life, and offer us with the support we need to be able to thrive.

However, not all parents are up for the task. If you didn't grow up with caring, loving, and nurturing parents, then you must have had to endure the shadow of selfish parents in your life.

Maybe one parent was selfish or both. Not everyone who becomes a parent is always ready to be a parent. Other times parents will even be narcissist without knowing that they are negatively influencing you.

Selfish parents put their own needs first, they are highly critical, possessive, and controlling, they don't have boundaries with their children, and they put all the blame on the children.

Being raised by selfish parents can lead to anxiety, depression, codependency, low self-esteem, self doubt, unstable emotional relationships, and people-pleasing behavior. If you have had selfish parents, learn to set your boundaries as you grow older.

Here is a beautiful collection of handpicked quotes that will help you cope better and know what to do. Read on!

Selfish Parents Quotes

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Today’s troubled homes are made by parents who want to have children but don’t want their children to have parents.

Today’s troubled homes are made by parents who want to have children but don’t want their children to have parents.

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