12 Greatest Marty Rubin Quotes From The Boiled Frog Syndrome

Marty Rubin

Born and raised in Toronto, Marty Rubin, was the son of leftist political activists. He went to his very first union picket line aged 3, pushed in his stroller. Marty began writing “Biker Daddy" in 1977, a column for The Weekly News, a gay and lesbian newspaper that was published and distributed weekly in Miami. 

He moved his column to David in 1984 and changed its name to “Rubin At Random." He went ahead to publish his first and only book, “The Boiled Frog Syndrome" in 1987. The book, which Alyson Publications from Boston described as a gay political thriller, is still in print and has sold over 6,000 copies.

Rubin died aged 64 after struggling with AIDS. He was a gay activist, author, and journalist whose quotes resonated with many and they still do. Here are some of his memorable sayings.

Marty Rubin Quotes

What's wonderful about life is you always have to start over. No many how many meals you've eaten, words you've spoken, breaths, you've taken, you always have to start over.

What’s wonderful about life is you always have to start over. No many how many meals you’ve eaten, words you’ve spoken, breaths, you’ve taken, you always have to start over.

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