12 Top Gangsta Blood In Blood Out Quotes To Make Your Day

Blood In Blood Out

Blood In Blood Out is a 1993 American crime drama that has grown to become a cult classic among the Mexican-American community through the years. The film follows the lives of three Chicano relatives from 1972 to 1984.

After a violent confrontation with his abusive and racist white father, 17 year old Miklo Velka, whose mother is Mexican leaves Las Vegas for Los Angeles. Here, he lives with his cousins Paco and Cruz who are members of Vatos Locos, the local gang.

Miklo earns his membership soon afterwards after an attack on their rivals, the Tres Puntos. Tres Puntos retaliate with an attack on Cruz, permanently injuring his back. Vatos Locos counterattack them and Miklo kills Tres Puntos' leader, Spider.

While fleeing the scene, Paco crashes their car and they both get arrested. The two cousins part ways as Miklo is imprisoned in San Quentin for murder and Paco volunteers for military service in the Marine Corps instead being imprisoned.

Cruz pursues his passion for art and develops heroin addiction because of his back pain. After the Marines, Paco joins the L. A. P. D. Miklo finds out that San Quentin is run by three racially defined gangs. There is the Black Guerilla Army, the Aryan Vanguard, and La Onda.

He ends up joining La Onda and quickly climbs up the ranks, ultimately joining its Ruling Council. He is paroled after nine years but gets involved in armed robbery. The heist is unsuccessful and he is caught by Paco. Miklo refuses to surrender and Paco ends up shooting him on the leg which becomes amputated.

Miklo is taken back to prison and after La Onda's boss is killed, he becomes the new boss. The film rolls on with more twists and turns of the crime world. It was well received making $35 million against a $4.5 million budget. Here are some thrilling Blood In Blood Out quotes and captions to make your day.

Blood In Blood Out Quotes

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